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a hopeful meditation on faith in a broken world.


How do we reach out to the hurt and bring care to our neighbor? How does the Spirit move in our lives to support healing and bring forth well-being among us? How do we know God, especially in the most trying and difficult circumstances?


From a street chaplain's work with homeless people who suffer from mental illness come uplifting stories of hope and redemption and a call to us all to build healing communities.







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craigIn the old district of downtown Seattle, down a flight of stairs from sidewalk level, around a couple turns and through a door, is a service center. Hispanics who live on the street call it the Hoyo, or the Hole, because of its subterranean location, but it's not a "hole in the wall" or a "pit." As we enter, we see a large, low-ceilinged space filled with tables. Near the front door is a service counter where people can get a pair of shoes, a clean shirt, or a jacket; or they can sign up for a shower in an adjacent room and borrow a towel. Some seventy or eighty people of various races and ages, mostly men, sit around the tables, and there's an ongoing murmur of conversation. One man sleeps, his head cradled in his arms on a tabletop. Several have sleeping bags rolled up or piled next to their chairs. In a corner of the room, a card game is in progress. Before the city banned smoking in public interiors, the place used to be bathed in a gray-brown haze, but otherwise the atmosphere was one of simplicity and warmth, as it still is. The center was, and is, a kind of club, and some of the folks who eventually find a home return to help those who are still left behind. One feels welcome here.





Latest review

“I join with the authors in their hope that these stories ‘will help demystify mental illness and encourage efforts to build communities of openness, understanding, and care, with active participation and leadership from local congregations.’”

– Excerpt from Connections, the Anabaptist Disabilities Network newsletter, March 2010   Read more ...


“I can’t remember the last time I've been so moved and inspired. This is the sort of book you want to share. A book that can change lives. Perhaps the world.”

– Excerpt from personal blog of Tim Harris, editor of Real Change.   Read more ...



“[Souls in the Hands of a Tender God] interweaves themes of the Spirit working in desperate lives, the unshakable dignity of human souls and the necessity of companionship for healing . . . As well as a guide to how others can help be healing presences to the mentally ill, this hopeful book is a meditation on faith in a broken world.”

– Excerpt from Publishers Weekly starred review.  Read more ...



“A masterpiece of storytelling, which has tremendous potential to continue the transformation of our Churches and society into a safety net of unbroken relationships.”


– Rev. Patrick Howell, S.J., Vice-President for Mission and Ministry, Seattle University, author of Reducing the Storm to a Whisper: The Story of a Breakdown.  Read more ...